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Welcome to N.A.R.S.
Northwoods Animal

Rehabilitation Sanctuary
& Adoption Center
(Formerly Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary)
- A Non-Profit Organization -

Click on the arrow in the center of the video link below to view
a heartwarming montage of some of the
beautiful rescued animals of NARS.
Photographs and Video courtesy of Prominence Photography for NARS, Inc.

Offering sanctuary to our permanent resident rescue animals and refuge primarily to rescued horses, mini horses & ponies as well as feline, exotics & fowl as they make their transition into permanent loving homes.

Our adoption center and educational facility also works with and supports other trusted rescue facilities in permanent placement of rescue animals and to help bring awareness to the general public about the plight of the rescue animal by offering a variety of hands-on, animal care/gentle horsemanship classes
and day camps.

Recovery happens...and it happens here.

A day of reflection and remembering those loved and lost, and celebrating those lives saved, now safe and in loving forever homes. And to our beloved sanctuary residents, may you never be hungry, may you never feel the pain of an abusive word or hand. May you live your lives peacefully and joyfully, and feel loved each and every day. Those lost are remembered and those living are cherished.


Director/Founder of NARS

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Animal Rehabilitation Sanctuary
& Adoption Center




"My treasures do not
clink together or glitter-

They gleam in the sun
and neigh in the night"

is a No-Kill
Approved Shelter

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It's one of the easiest ways to help NARS raise much needed funds so that they may continue doing all of the wonderful work they do for animals in need.


Funds raised help horses like Silver recover!

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The above picture shows the extensive damage the buck-shot caused throughout his hind quarters, legs, belly and back. In addition to being shot, this poor kind horse had hooves that had not been trimmed in what looked like 3 years causing crippling and severe tendon damage that will never heal properly. He was covered in hundreds of ticks and he showed obvious signs of abuse as well as malnutrition. He had not been dewormed or vaccinated. His teeth never done and he was a stallion (he is now of course a gelding). Silver's intake expenses were well in excess of $1,500.00. Silver is currently in rehab and will reside in our sanctuary for quite some time, possibly for the rest of his life.

Every little bit helps. We cannot do this without you.

Click on Silver's Recovery Fund for more information on how you can help us help him.

Thank you.


To bring (someone or something) out of danger, attack, harm, etc.; deliver or save.


:to bring back to a normal, healthy condition after an illness, injury, abusive situation, etc.

: to teach to live a normal and productive life

: to bring back to a good condition


A place of refuge offering birds and other animals protection from harm.


A place of shelter, protection, or safety.

-- //\\ --

I Take Responsibility For The Horse Within

I will see that he has every day,
plenty of clean water and good hay.
Shelter from cold, wind and rain
and the ration he needs daily of grain
I'll see to his need for play and exercise.
and Love him, for that is the bind that ties.
I’ll teach him and I promise to learn
His trust in me, I’ll take time to earn.

He’ll not be just a toy that I can afford,
that I forget, except to pay board.
I’ll see to his needs day in and day out,
not leaving him in his stall to sulk and pout.

I know that I own him but he too owns me,
I’m responsible to keep him happy and healthy.
He is not a burden, but a lifelong friend.
Not one I’ll abandon when his life nears its end.

It was my choice, not his, to have a horse
From that choice his life should be better, not worse.
I’ll not ship him off when he’s too old to ride,
finding excuses and reasons behind which to hide.

Like marriage it was meant to last, not end in divorce.
For that divorce often means the death of the horse.
It is more like a child, the purchase a birth,
a being to care for, a life that has worth.

I acknowledge this commitment with honor and pride,
I’ll care for this horse, he’s not just something to ride.
If the day ever comes, when my promise I can’t fulfill,
I’ll see that he is placed with someone who will.

The N.A.R.S. website is currently undergoing some construction. Thank you for your patience during this process. Some photos have been lost during the Microsoft transition. Should you see an animal you are interested in adopting and their photo is not visible-please Contact Us. Thank you.



Northwoods Animal Rehabilitation Sanctuary & Adoption Center, Inc.

A Registered Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation; Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary & Adoption Center, Inc.

A Non-Profit Corporation

317A Proudly Established 10/01/2010

Animal Advocation and Animal Welfare Enforcement

N.A.R.S. is legally authorized to act as a member of the state federation of county
and district societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

In Association with:
Gemini Rescue
A Minnesota 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization 

NARS Rescue/Rehab/Training/Educational Partners:
Gemini Rottweiler & Pitbull Rescue, Inc. & Witchtree Training Center, Inc.