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(Dogs, Pot-Bellied Pigs, Goats, etc.)
...OH MY!

Hello and Welcome to the N.A.R.S. gallery of rescued animals (primarily equine, feline & fowl-however, our doors are open to canine and a variety of other animals) in need of their forever loving homes as well as those animals currently in our Northwoods Rehabilitation Program in need of Sponsorship or long-term Sanctuary care. Should you have questions or would like additional information about any of the wonderful animals you see please contact us by clicking on the link in our menu to the left or calling us at 612.886.6986.

Thank you.

*Should be looking for a specific type of animal companion please contact us, provide a description, and we may be able to help you locate him or her...or them! :)

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-- //\\ --

Adopting a NARS Animal is no easy task-but it is definitely worth the effort.

NARS wants to ensure that the life long bond between a NARS rescued animal and it's human is a strong one built on love, caring and understanding. Adopting a NARS rescued animal isn't just adopting any animal...we believe there is no such thing as just "any animal". Animals are individuals, with distinct personalities all their own and therefore are considered life companions and friends. To ensure the success between a NARS animal and it's human we require you, the potential adoptor, to spend a little more time and effort getting to know the special animal that may become a very important part of your life and in turn, you become a very important part of theirs.

NARS Adoptions are Successful because we take the Time...

Should you see an animal that you would like to meet we ask that you contact us to set up an initial appointment. After your first initial meeting should you be interested in pursuing an adoption, you must complete an Informational Hands-On Adoption Class specified for your specific breed of animal at which time you will be supplied with our Adoption Guidelines. Upon class completion, we ask that you visit the animal a minimum of 3 more times at our facility before you are allowed to take that animal home. We will also conduct a home visit to ensure your home and it's surroundings is suitable for the animal you are interested in adopting. You will be required to complete an Adoption Contract as well as give permission for us to conduct a personal background check as well as check your references. Anyone living in an apartment, condo or leasing/renting their residence must provide written proof of landlord acceptance of the animal you are considering adopting before that animal is released into your full-time care. We reserve the right to check up on our animals at any time and may revoke an adoption and remove the animal immediately should the rules of our Adoption Contract be violated in any way. Not only will the animal be removed but so will it's offspring should our NO BREEDING clause be violated. Violators will not receive a refund or be allowed to adopt from us in the future. Adopting a living creature is a privilege as well as a great responsibility. NARS takes these responsibilities very seriously. It is our mission to ensure the safety and well being of each of our rescued animals throughout their entire lives.

Thank you.


Adoption fees are based on each individual animals intake costs (veterinary care, hoof care, vaccinations, coggins, medicines, deworming are just some of the costs incurred upon intake), as well as their level of training and care. We do not profit from our adoption fees, we only wish to offset some of the costs we have incurred to care for each individual rescued animal.

Adoption fees will vary by animal.

Should you see an animal you are interested in meeting, please contact us to set up an appointment.

Thank you.


Adoption Fees

Equine *Adoption Fees begin at $250.00

Feline *Adoption Fees begin at $125.00
(Included in Adoption Fee; Spay/Neuter, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Deworming, Claws Trimmed, Litter Trained, Socialized/Child and Animal Friendly, Feline Care Book, Food Starter & Toy)

Canine *Adoption Fees begin at $250.00
(Included in Adoption Fee; Spay/Neuter, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Deworming, Nails Trimmed,
Socialization, Canine Food Starter & Toy)
(Personality Traits/Temperament & Level of Training is noted per animal.)

Hen/Rooster *Adoption Fees begin at $25.00
*(Adoption Fees may vary depending on specie, age, sex, breed, level of training.)



Congratulations to Stormy and her new family!

We could not have asked for better and more loving caregivers for this beautiful girl. She deserves to live out the rest of her life being loved and cared for and we know she will be so happy with you and you with her. A match made in heaven.

We are so very happy for you!!!


(A NARS Sanctuary Resident)


& Digit


Digit is quite striking with her dark black coat and gorgeous blue eyes and has been accepted by the "Cool Kids"
(Hangin' with Mani, Tucker and most recently her old buddy Kevin has joined the crew!)

Born in 2002, this incredibly sweet, super easy to handle little mare is the first to whinny and come up to you to get her hugs and kisses. This pretty little girl had foundered prior to her arrival at NARS and is now kept on a primarily dry lot and is fed grass hay only. In addition, Digi requires her teeth examined every 6 months and her teeth must be floated a minimum of once per year.

Since her arrival we have seen a huge turn around in her overall demeanor as she now very trusting, social and is now RUNNING around and playing with her friends, and is a very happy little girl.

The NARS Mini Crew!!!

Patsy (Now residing with a Sanctuary Partner),
(Now residing with a Sanctuary Partner),
Kevin & 
(Bonded Pair, NARS Sanctuary/Adoptable),
Sunny and her daughter Nena
(Residing with a Sanctuary Partner),
Babe and her daughter Little Princess
(Have been adopted)
as well as Babe's mama, Lady
(Have been adopted)

and our Rehab/Sanctuary Residents;
Patriot (Currently residing with a Sanctuary Partner)


All Foster/Adoptable Equine have a current negative Coggins, are up to date on their vaccinations, are on a regular deworming, dental and farrier schedule. All are primarily dry lotted and fed grass hay. Our minis are halter trained and handle easily, are friendly, socialized and well behaved. They do well with children and a variety of other animals. They load easily in and out of trailers, stand perfectly for the farrier, vaccinate and deworm easily. They love to be groomed and are all used to trimmers.

Our minis would do well as assisted therapy animals or pets.
We do not promote using animals for entertainment purposes and we strictly prohibit breeding.

Should you be interested in Adoption or becoming a Foster Care Provider
CALL 612.886.6986
or send an email to
to set up an appointment.



 Mini Pearl

Pearl is a very pretty and petite calico, lovely in person. VERY SWEET, gentle and playful. Very seldom makes a sound. A super nice kitty ready to go home with her purrfect family.

Pearl has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and socialized.
Adoption Fee: $85.00 firm

(All feline adoptions include; A cat care book and their favorite toy.)
Please Note: Tranport safety is of great importance.
All Adoptors must provide a clean, safe cat carrier with a towel inside before they will be allowed to take their kitty home.

Diablo"Big D"
This Very Handsome Guy is
 AVAILABLE for Adoption


Male, Domestic Shorthair, Black, 1 yr old
Diablo is the big brother of a litter of 4.
He is a very handsome cat. He loves attention,
is very smart, loving and
may do best in a single kitty household, dogs ok.

He has been taught a few tricks and is good with children, older children may be better as Diablo is not a little guy. He is muscular and may be good sized when done growing.
Would be excellent for a teenager, young adult or ideal for a young couple.
Litter box trained.

Adoption fees range from $75-$125.00 per kitten depending on our out of pocket vetting expenses which include; spay/neuter, vaccinations, nail trimming, ear cleaning and deworming. Each kitten is socialized with humans and several other animals. Upon approval of adoption, you will also be provided with kitten food, a how to care for your kitten/cat book as well as your choice of toy. We require all kittens to leave our facility in safe and secure animal carrier lined with a towel.



Denise R. I can attest to this kitty's sweetness! At the Northwood's benefit concert, she personally greeted every single person and wanted a little love from each one.
Oh those eyes!

Sweet, timid, tiny and beautiful! Gigi, a long-haired solid black purebred female Manx, a graduate of our NARS Feral To Fabulous Program has found her purrfect forever family!


Little Lady Gaga...
growing up to be a STAR!
Cookie Monster...
look who has grown into his ears! What a beautiful boy!


Lady Gaga...
Dive Mama
Cookie's big brother


Pumpkin "Burr" aka Fluffy
The sweetest boy in the whole wide world found his purrfect family!




Applicants will be interviewed, references & backgrounds checked and home visits will be conducted prior to any NARS adoption being finalized.
NARS takes adopting any of our precious fur kids very seriously.

Turtle "TRUDY"
(Has been Adopted!)

Bantam and Mixed Varieties of Roosters and Hens


Our Bantam Roosters are socialized, playful and friendly. They are treated as family members with kindness and respect. A NARS Rooster may not be adopted for any other reason than to live out his life being loved and cared for as you would any family pet.

(Should you prefer to adopt a hen or pullet, please call 612.886.6986 or email us at The Adoption Fee for a female chicken is $45.00.)

And again, our chickens are pets not food. They may not be adopted for any other reason other than becoming a family pet. We reserve the right to check up on our animals at any time and may revoke an adoption and remove the animal immediately should the rules of our Adoption Contract be violated. Adopting a living creature is a privilege as well as a great responsibility. NARS takes these responsibilities very seriously. It is our mission to ensure the safety and well being of each of our rescued animals throughout their entire lives.

Adoption Fee: $35.00

Hens & Pullets

Every now and again we will get a sick or injured bird brought in to Northwoods. Once that animal is deemed healthy, he or she may then be ready for adoption.

Breeds and colors vary.

Our chickens are individuals living creatures and are not food. They do produce eggs of which our chickens lay and leave the nests causing no stress to them during gathering. They live a safe and peaceful existence.


Please help NARS with the cost of feed by donating. You may do this by dropping off Chicken Layer and Fowl Feeds, giving gift cards from local feed stores in the Andover, MN area, sending us a donation so that we may purchase the items you indicate or simply click on any of the blue donation buttons.
*Please note that Paypal deducts a percentage from all transactions.

100% of all donations goes directly to it's designated purpose. Donations are solely used to provide quality veterinary care and food for the NARS animals.

Rescue Animals


*** In Need of Sponsors ***
The following rescue animals are currently in our NARS Rehabilitation Program or are residents of our Long Term Care Sanctuary. These special animals require additional care to be able to live out happy & healthy lives.

(Currently residing with a Sanctuary Partner)

Born in 2002, this intelligent and very friendly snowy white mini gelding was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and is receiving treatment. Patriot is very social and handles very easily. He loves people and doesn't let his condition get the best of him. Patriot requires monitoring, daily supplements and medications as needed. He has his good days and his not so good days...and the little guy does the best and makes sure he isn't left behind when he is out with his friends.

(Currently residing with a Sanctuary Partner)


Born in 2004, this SUPER ADORABLE, teeny plush toy of a white mini gelding is currently available for adoption. Sinbad is a curious, playful and happy little guy. He loves to be loved and prance around with all his mini buddies. You can't help but fall in love with this little cutie!

(Currently residing with a Sanctuary Partner)


Born in 1990, with one beautiful eye blue and the other a soft brown, this very pretty silver dapple mini mare was placed in our Northwoods Rehab Program where she received corrective hoof care and lots of TLC. Patsy can be a bit stand offish until she deems you worthy of her trust, she will nuzzle you gently in hopes for a kiss on the nose and a nice soft brushing. She would make a wonderful friend for a child.

Currently Patsy has been working with one of our youth trainers where she has learned how to do a bit of jumping and is doing well in our obstacle course. Patsy is a quick learner, absolutely beautiful and loves the attention. She has certainly turned out to be a favorite of the Northwoods!

Butchy Boy
(Senior in Sanctuary Care)

Currently 16 years old.
This sweet senior is not a lab in a hole, but rather an interesting mix of dashing daschund and loving lab! Don't let those little legs fool ya...he loves to go out for runs and walks. He was raised with mini daschunds, so he thinks he is tiny and loves to snuggle in your lap. He sits, takes treats gently and loves his belly rubbed. He is very loving and protective of his family. He does especially well with women/girls. He gets alongs just fine with other dogs as well as cats, is potty trained. He does not like to be crated or left for long periods of time, it stresses him out. He also loves to travel and is excellent in the car!

(Senior in Sanctuary Care)

Just up from her kitty nap and a still a little sleepy, you just can't help but look at that teeny little pink nose and those HUGE orange eyes! Purrsia is an 16 yr old purebred Persian cat with a wonderful disposition. She is extremely sweet and affectionate as well as beautiful! Purrsia is spayed, dewormed, with no health concerns or behavioral issues.




Standing 10H tall, born in 1997, with once sad eyes, one blue and the other brown, this very sweet sable and white pinto mini mare arrived covered in layers upon layers of burrs and requiring corrective hoof care. The L-shaped hooves rendered her virtually immobile and the painful layers of burrs only exasperated the condition. Little Miss Nickers was in our Northwoods Rehab Program.


They said to euthanize him! He is crippled. What good is he?
How or when his spine was injured or what, if any, neurological damage he sustained is a mystery, they do not really know. In fact, they really don't know what happened to him. He arrived at NARS having not been handled, a stallion, as well as having great difficulty maneuvering his hind quarters due to his mysterious injury. The first step was to get him into a safe, solid wood stall with non slip mats and the perfect amount of bedding to ensure he would be ok. Next, we would change that terribly degrading name they had given him to something very special. I would name him after my childhood horse and best bud, Rusty. After allowing him time to get acclimated to his new surroundings and bond with me, he was transported to a gelding clinic where I was then told that he would be euthanized due to this particular vets opinion in that he would never get up from surgery.
In this case, I knew otherwise. This little guy had spirit and he sure as heck didn't come all this way not to be able to be given a fair chance.

That little guy got right up! And I appreciated the apologies from those that would have rather just given up on him. After I felt it was safe to transport him back to NARS safely, he loaded right into the trailer and home we went!
He was a trooper through it all!

Rusty and Nickers formed a tight bond. He could be typically found not very far from her making sure she is alright.
The picture above was just after he had rolled and got up to run around! Pure joy!!!

What good is he?

Ask anyone who has encountered him. Ask the child with a similar spinal injury that comes to visit him. If Nickers could speak English she would clearly say that he brought her out of her depression after losing her life companion Apache. As for me, this little horse is an inspiration. You may not be able to ride him, hitch him up to a silly cart, you may not be able to show him or jump him. But as with any living being, he has every right to live his life in peace and in happiness.


Nickers has her very own "Somebody Loves Me" charm by Charm Wraps. Click on the Charm Wraps link located on our menu for details on how you can get your very own, very special, Snowy Nickers charm and Charm Wraps will make a donation to help provide care to our sanctuary residents.

*** Silver Needs A Sponsor! ***

It took 3 years to get him out of the poor conditions he was in, no shelter, no water, no suitable food to be seen. He was starved and neglected and then finally pulled himself free from his chains to get something to eat at an adjacent field and was then shot several times!

He arrived virtually untouchable, a very frightened, crazed stallion that had never been in an enclosure. The barn, stalls, the sound of feed bags, plastic buckets, and water would put him through a wall.

He was terrified of everything.

The buckshot was the least of our worries, his left tendon and pasterns were severely damaged, that and he was emaciated, full of worms, lice and had the worse case of ticks I had ever seen in my life! We removed hundreds from him at the vets and I continued to remove them and as well as hundreds of pieces of buckshot from his back, side, belly, hind quarters and legs over several weeks which was the beginning of him knowing trust and love as I carefully and patiently removed piece by piece. After he was deemed healthy enough, he was gelded and then began his long journey to better health, the ability to trust and feel loved.

 He is a truly remarkable horse.

Silver will continue his long term care and reside in our Sanctuary until we are able to locate a suitable home. His injuries were too extensive upon arrival to have him considered as a candidate for adoption. Silver has now been in our care for some time and he is a completely different horse. He is beautiful, kind, gentle, social, trailers, stalls, stands and handles beautifully. Due to the extensive injury to his left deep flexor tendon and pasterns, Silver may never be ridden again and must be monitored and given proper care and attention. He gets along just fine and will even run and kick up his heels, but I do not allow him to get out there and boogie with the others for fear he will do worse damage. We would love to be able to see if his condition could be corrected thru surgery, but at his age, estimated at about 15, and due to the huge expense, Silver is a content companion animal unless funds were made available to try and correct the damage. If you would like to sponsor Silver and assist us with his care please click the Contact Us link from the NARS menu on the upper left portion of your screen.

(Silver Present Date)

Please help by becoming Silver's Sponsor or donating to Silver's Recovery Fund by clicking on our Donation link and indicating that you would like to help Silver as his road to recovery will be a long one.


(100% of all donations will go directly to helping with Silver's continuous care.)

Miniature Horses...YES! We have them! :D

Please go to our NARS website home page, scroll down and click on the Facebook link located on the right side of the page. Then click "Like" and become a fan. Stop back often to see pictures and updates of incoming animals as well as how our NARS residents are doing. Please contact us today to let us know which NARS Rescued Animal you are interested in meeting.


Please consider donating or becoming as sponsor.

Thank you.

Animals in Crisis

NARS is made aware of several animals in need of homes on a daily basis and we post those animals in need on our Rescue Helping Rescues page. Lady Purr Purr and her starving week old babies were one of those urgent emails that came across our desk and when nobody stepped forward to help-we felt it necessary to make the call and lend a hand. While it would be wonderful to be able to provide care and shelter to each and every one of those animals in need, due to lack of space and funding, NARS must limit the amount of animals it allows into our facility. Thankfully we had just raised a litter of kittens and we had the room to take in an animal family in crisis. Please consider donating so that we may provide these very special, critical care animals with all the quality veterinary care they need to
 help them on their road to recovery.

Please consider donating to our NARS Veterinary Care Fund.

The costs to spay & neuter an animal, to geld a horse, to provide necessary nutritional/medical needs, vaccinations, deworming, farrier care and continued veterinary care is expensive and we need your help. 100% of all donations received for veterinary care goes directly to providing our rescued animals with the care they require upon intake and during their stay here at NARS.

Please help by donating today-every single penny counts and helps saves lives.

Thank you.

Show your support for Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary by clicking "like" and
becoming a fan of our Facebook page.

NARS Facebook Page


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