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*** 2016 NARS News ***

Look for daily updates
on our Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary Facebook Page

NARS Facebook Page

Thank you so much for your support. We cannot do this without you.

Thank you.




October 19th from 6pm-10pm

Join us in celebrating our 5th Year!


Fundraising Event

(Bands & Venue to be announced)

Enjoy a night of great music

for a great cause!


~ C E L E B R A T E ~

February 8, 2012 WE ARE HOME!!! HAPPY DAY!!!! As of 11am this morning, we now officially own the property the animals of NARS have always called their home!!! :) Thank you all for your continued prayers and support throughout this very long process.WE DID IT and we could not have done it without you!


Elisa, Director of NARS & The Entire NARS Family


December 1, 2012 WE ARE MOVING! RALLY THE TROOPS! (Click on the Calendar of Event link from the Menu to the left for more details)

January 1, 2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL and it is certainly starting out HAPPY as we have a Silver Update!!! Silver's progress is nothing short of truly amazing!

 Having been shot several times with buckshot for simply trying to find food to eat was the least of this young horses issues...

While not every animal can be saved...I wanted to at least give Silver that chance. When making those extremely difficult decisions, you have to weigh all the variables, and in every case...ALWAYS DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE ANIMAL. In Silver's case, I felt it was clear he was a survivor, he wanted to live, he deserved to be given that chance. So against all the odds I began the around the clock care he would require if he had any chance at all to live a quality, happy life.

Not only was he not at all socialized and despised other horses, he was very skittish and tempered easily. He was very fearful of any interior building, stalls or any type of fencing. He spooked easily to general sounds, hated water and just about everything and would lash out if given the opportunity. His hooves had been severely neglected for what looked like at least 3 years, his left hind hoof was of great concern. There was so much damage that they felt he would never truly regain the ability to have use of it and therefore recommended he be euthanized. He had damage to his coffin bone, large and small pasterns, tendons and ligaments, causing severe swelling up and down his hind leg. To make matters worse, he had been shot on the opposite side of the most damaged hoof and therefore had no choice but to bear his weight on a foot that by all indications, would not support him. It was as if his hoof was not even connected to his leg and it basically hung there and dragged as he attempted to walk, it was extremely disturbing to say the very least. How he was able to walk was a miracle in itself. The pain he must have had to endure was unconscionable. Having lived with excruciating pain myself, I understand the tole it takes on a body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I was in awe of him and the simple fact that he hadn't gone completely out of his mind. I could see past his pain and his fear, and see the kindness that remained in his eyes that just seemed to scream...HELP ME!

In my many years of experience in working with horses and with animals in general, the eyes that can tell you a great deal about what the animal may be feeling and how to begin to approach them to begin the healing process. In Silver's eyes I saw warmth and he was not disconnected, and therefore I knew all he needed was to trust in me and his surroundings. I saw his pain and his fear and no matter what I was told about him...I knew he just needed someone to show him that human hands are capable of being gentle, a voice can be soothing and the rest of it was just about trust and him knowing he was in a place where he was safe and would be cared for.

Once untouchable and initially needing to be sedated, Silver now stands beautifully for our farrier (she is in complete awe of his transformation and is now very excited to work with him and loves watching him grow stronger with each passing day). He accepts vaccinations, takes dewormer and is examined with ease. He leads perfectly, he loves to be groomed, bathed and pampered. He wears his winter blanket easily and allows me to slips things over his eyes and head with no issue whatsoever. He is sweet and lovable, thoughtful, full of personality and this morning he went out running and kicking up his heels, playing, snorting, loving life! He, in time, will be suitable as a nice companion animal and does particularly well with his human. He will need to continue to gain strength and build muscle. It will be a very slow process before we are comfortable in ever allowing him to be ridden as a very low impact trail horse for a smaller rider. He may in fact never be able to be ridden and we are completely okay with that as NARS is not about using animals as entertainment/pleasure for human beings, NARS is about listening to the animal and striving to give that animal what s/he needs in order to live the quality life that makes them happy. Some animals enjoy having a job to keep them busy and others are just as happy to live their lives in a relaxed sanctuary setting. Our joy comes from their joy and we are thrilled to see Silver so alive, healthy, happy and enjoying his life!

If you would like to sponsor Silver or help us offset the cost of his hoof care and veterinary expenses please click on  Silver's Recovery Fund from our main menu on the left hand side of the screen. Your help is so greatly appreciated. Thank you.


October 22, 2011 The NARS Bonfire Celebration was so much fun! Thank you all for coming out, for all the laughs! Cheers! XO

October 22, 2011 Received a phone call from a family in Wisconsin that was made aware of a young eagle that was spotted in a field with a broken wing. We immediately contacted the U of MN Raptor Center as well as that local counties DNR. And today the young eagle is at the Raptor Center getting the care he needs. Thank you to everyone involved in saving this young eagles life!

October 21, 2011 Tofu the Turkey Update; She is doing great! We have had some miserable cases and have been told numerous times that they could not and would not survive. Had I listened, several of the now happy and healthy animals we have at our sanctuary would not be here...including little Tofu. While she is certainly not ok, her progress has been incredible! She warms our hearts and we can't help but smile to watch her respond to her name. She purrs and coos and has begun chirping. She is just beginning to take a few steps, is holding her head upright, drinking on her own and has developed a very healthy appetite. The swelling has virtually disappeared and both her bright blue eyes are now open. Today we took her out to enjoy the beautiful day and soak up some much needed sun. She chirped and flapped her little wings. She is such a happy little girl and we absolutely adore her!

To keep track of Tofu's progress please visit out Facebook page at ( or click on the Facebook link found on our Home page.

October 18, 2011 Today a very young and sickly turkey fell off a transport truck on it's way to slaughter. I found her barely alive on the side of the road in a ditch. Head hung low, barely breathing, scared, shivering, extremely ill, covered in filth and droppings, feet severely picked at, injuries all over her body, broken feathers, her face and eyes so swollen that her little head was the size of my fist. She did not resemble a turkey at all but reminded me of the horribly abused women I had come across in my life, battered and broken. I took her carefully in my arms and drove back to our sanctuary where I assessed her overall condition, carefully cleaned her up and treated her injuries. Offered her clean water and a new bed of soft grass hay, wrapped her in a baby blankie and placed a warming light above her head. She, Tofu, was now safe and warm and her healing could begin.

September 13, 2011 NARS has added 3 new pages to our website!

Check out our Pet Matching Service, Rescues Helping Rescues, and Transports Needed pages located on the menu to your left. The contents on the RHR and TN pages are updated the moment we receive new information.

Please check back often for additions and updates!

June 26, 2011 In Memory of Apache, 1998-2011

Goodnight Sweet Boy

We had just gotten in from the barn, was about 9pm. Just as we sat down I saw a flash of lighting light up the sky so I quickly turned on the weather and saw a line of potentially severe storms heading this way, just hitting Buffalo at the time. The weather station said it would arrive in Andover in about 45 minutes. When we headed back out, the sky was still blue, still relatively light out, no rain and off to the barn we went-standard protocol over here when there is any chance of threatening weather.
We got everyone in and were just heading to the back of the barn to open the doors for Apache and Nickers when there was a blast of lightning and the whole back pasture went bright blue. I smelled something burning. Nickers came trotting in and I called for Apache, he is usually right by her side, but he was nowhere to be seen. Then I saw a large shadow in the grass and went running as the rain began to come down. I ran over to him and he looked dazed and confused. He was laying down and tried to get up and couldn't. I looked him over and saw no external signs of burns or injuries. He was almost acting as if he had colic, but the worst case I had ever seen. He finally got up and I was able to get him to the barn with Nickers at his side and immediately called my vet. By then the rain was coming down, it was hailing and the wind was so strong it began ripping the large doors off the barn, it was then that our largest out building came crashing over the large barn and took out all the front fencing and landed upside down in the center of the front yard. Just then the vet arrived and he came in as I was holding up Apache with all my strength and he finally became too heavy and had to lay down. It was a guess but it seems he had not been hit directly but was close enough to cause him to panic and possibly close enough to cause some other internal injuries, and he had an immediate onset of what is similar to death by worse case scenario colic-resulting in death. He was in excruciating pain and the pain meds were not even able to help him. I had to make the very difficult decision to put him to rest as there was nothing any of us could do. Not even surgery at almost $10,000 could have saved him and my vet felt it best to let him die peacefully and free him of the pain he was in. He tried so hard, even through all that pain to nuzzle me and lick me. He had tears in his eyes and they fell against my chest as I held him and whispered over and over how much he was loved. Nickers, his 15 year life companion, was by his side and nuzzling his nose and I held his head in my arms. We let all the horses in the main area of the barn to be around and we all were around him until the very last beat of his heart. Was so sad to see Nickers nuzzling him and after he passed she stayed by his side as I held his head and after about an hour she left for a moment to go out into the pasture and whinny and whinny, her little heart was broke. It was just awful. I haven't slept yet. I spent all but 2 hours out in the barn with Nicky since Apache's passing. Now we wait for the phone call for them to come pick up his body and I can't bear to watch. My big gentle giant is gone and we are truly going to miss such an incredible animal. He was amazing and he saved Nickers life. It seems he was put here to get her through the abuse she had endured and once she was healthy and happy and well on her way to recovery in a place of love, he was taken away. Clearly this huge gentle soul was needed elsewhere, his job here on Earth now complete. He was a hero, breathtakingly beautiful, kind and loving, and he will never be forgotten. 
Elisa & Family



Being shot, YES SHOT!, was the least of this kind horse's problems.

For more information copy and paste the following link onto your browner; (or) go to our Home page and scroll down to the Facebook link located on the right and click on it for more details and daily updates.


Silver Needs Your Help!
Please help by becoming Silver's Sponsor or donating to Silver's Recovery Fund by clicking on our Donation link and indicating that you would like to help Silver. Thank you!

(100% of all donations will go directly to helping with Silver's veterinary care and recovery process.

June 25, 2011Northwoods Rescue is now home to 5 rescued Ameraucana chickens. Their names are Honey, Dove, Nilla, ChaCha and Chica. We also have 2 mystery chicks as well as 7 newly hatched Bantams. Our chick nursery is busy with babies currently ranging in age from just a couple hours old to 6 weeks.

Should you be interested in adopting beautiful Bantams please contact us. We have a variety of colors in pullets, hens and roosters.

April 24, 2011Doofy(renamed Rusty), the little crippled mini-stallion (now a gelding) is doing wonderfully!!! He was gelded last weekend at the Gelding Clinic at SieteLeguas Veterinary Facility in Cold Spring, MN. Geldings were performed by the wonderful veterinary students from the University of Minnesota. While some were skeptical that this little guy would not pull through (and even suggested he be euthanized prior to the procedure)-we believed in him and wanted to give him every opportunity to have as normal, quality, happy life as possible-and look at him now...we knew he could do it! Going to have to blog a bit later about the entire ordeal another time as what should have been a 4 hour trip turned into a 12 hour adventure...thankfully with a very happy ending, and a very happy, and healthier little horse!

Duffee is finally able to come outside. First he rolls and he rolls some more, pops right up and off he runs to greet his friends. What a happy little horse!


Can anyone take in a 20 lb orange tabby? He is INDOOR ONLY, neutered, declawed and VERY SWEET. His name is Jake and he needs a loving home ASAP!


April 3, 2011The "Ellsworth 8" (Blindy, Moon, Babe, Princess, Nena, Sunny, Dufee & Lady) have now all arrived and their pictures and brief bios can be viewed on our Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary Facebook page in our photos and then click on the Northwoods Adoptable Animals & Animals in Rehab folder.

Please also note that Butch the dog and Jake the cat are available for adoption as well.

The easiest way to get to our Facebook page is click on Home in the menu to your left and then scroll down until you see our Facebook page link.

Please note: Blindy & Moon are in the process of being adopted. Requests have been made to adopt Babe and Princess, their adoption is pending.

Lady is a beautiful, solid bodied bay mini mare and has had some training in the past. Sunny is very kind and quite pretty. If possible, I prefer that she is adopted with her yearling filly Nena (which she will no doubt mature to be a very pretty mare). The handsome, soon to be gelded, Dufee, requires special care and I would love to find him his perfect forever home as well. Should you be interested in adopting any of these wonderful minis or would like to meet any of the other minis or horses currently residing at Northwoods Rescue please contact us to set up an appointment. You may call 612.886.6986 or send an email to

March 31, 2011 Northwoods needs to expand and we cannot do it without your help! If you have lumber/materials to donate or know anyone who could donate-please let us know. We need to construct shelters and put in additional fencing. We aren't concerned with fancy as much as we are in keeping our rescue animals safe and comfortable. Thank you so much.-Elisa


If you have a stallion have him gelded for free.
Free gelding clinic on 4/16, call 612-625-6776
for more information.
Thank you!


March 29, 2011 PICS HAVE POSTED. 4 of the 8 minis have arrived and you can see photos of them on our NARS Facebook page. (or) go to our home page and scroll down and click on the our Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary Facebook page link located on the right side of the page. Contact us today to let us know which mini you are interested in adopting. Thank you.

March 25, 2011

The America's Got Talent Northwoods Rescue Fundring Event was a HUGE success! A full house, was a long night but we had fun! Many thanks to everyone who came out to see the living taping and raise money for Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary! You guys are THE BEST!!! XOXOXO

Watch your local television listings as these 2 episodes are schedule to air this summer! See you on TV! :)

March 19, 2011 4 of the 8 minis have arrived. The other 4 will arrive this coming Sunday. Most have been fed well and seem to be in good overall health. The younger ones are thinner than I would like and one of the two year old fillies, the pinto, has a slight weepy eye and nasal infection that is being addressed and is after a couple days is already showing signs of clearing up. Their hooves have not been trimmed in a year and are not nearly as bad as I have seen in the past-however, they will require several trimmings to allow the bad growth out to be replaced by good growth and normal, healthy feet. In most cases, this process will take several months. So if you are adopting, it is of the greatest importance that you set up a hoof care schedule with your farrier. I prefer your farrier has experience with minis and is gentle and takes their time, does not rush the process.

March 15, 2011 Day Camp dates and times soon to be announced!

February 16, 2011 Join us for a live taping of America's Got Talent on 3/24 at 5:30pm at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's a FREE EVENT and a great way for Northwoods to raise much needed funds to offset the rising food and veterinary costs associated with aiding rescue animals. In exchange for our participation, On Care Audiences will donate money to our organization. See our home page for more details. 

February 14, 2011 Clinton has finally arrived and just in time for Valentine's Day! All it takes is one look and you will fall in love. So ladies...hold on to your cowgirl hats because this gorgeous guy will steal your heart. For more information about Clinton please click on the RESCUED ANIMALS link on our menu and contact us if you would like to meet Clinton.

February 14, 2011 Congratulations to John W. & Family of Andover, MN. They won the Northwoods "GO WILD for a Great Cause" Minnesota Wild hockey tickets raffle. Congrats to them! Have fun & GO WILD!!!

January 31, 2011 PEACHES HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!! :)

Two weeks ago we relocated Butterscotch Swirl "Peaches" to what we hoped would be her new loving forever home and we are so happy to report that she has been adopted! Peaches is currently recovering from double eye infections that went untreated and are now being given the medical attention and care required. Peaches was not born blind. We understand that she was kicked in the head as a foal, causing her blindness and most likely she will need continuous eye care throughout her life. Her new family are in the process of building her a special paddock complete with bumpers and expressed falling in love with this beautiful and kind little girl the moment she arrived. Peaches has suffered unnecessarily in the past and we are so happy she has now found a home where she is getting the care and love she needs. We will keep you posted with updates.

If you can help out with our Northwoods Rehabilitation/Veterinary Care Fund please contact us or go directly to our Donate link. Any amount is so greatly appreciated. 100% of all donations goes directly to the care of the rescue animal and is tax-deductible.

January 4, 2011THE SNOWY NICKERS "Somebody Loves Me" Charm IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! Charm Wraps helps save lives. Get your Snowy Nickers charm today! :)

See, click on charms and scroll down to see the adorable Snowy Nickers charms!!! This little angel is wearing her new pretty pink halter-(was so nice to get her a new one and throw away all the bad memories of her old one..., so full of burrs). Choose from 4 finishes and each one reads "Somebody Loves Me" on the back & can be personalized. Also check out all their other wonderful creations-I love the hair wraps! Such a great way to show your support and help save lives.

Please make sure when you check out that you select Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary as the rescue you wish Charm Wraps to donate to. Thank you all so much! :)

January 3, 2011 Clinton, a very handsome mini pinto gelding will be joining us very soon! He was a MHARF rescue and was currently residing in foster care. His foster care providers are looking to get cattle so this gorgeous boy had to be relocated, so Northwoods will be his new foster home-we are so happy to have him. Clinton is available to be adopted into his forever loving home. So please contact us should you like to meet Clinton!

December 22, 2010 Our 5 new intakes are now resting and recovering nicely. All have received current vaccinations, have been dewormed, hooves done and are enjoying their new surroundings and all their new friends. For more information and pictures of each of our new Northwoods members, please click on "Adoptable Animals" on the menu to your left and scroll down to Currently in Our Rehabilitation Program.

December 16, 2010 1 Mini and 1 Horse due to arrive this afternoon, overall condition unknown and to be determined. Is taking the Northwoods Rescue rig on another Minnesota road trip to help save 2 lives that will surely die if they are not rescued. These 2 victims of unfortunate circumstances have had nothing to eat but pine needles and snow covered weed scraps for quite some time...they will need sponsors to help us get much needed weight on them during this frigid and very snowy start to a long Minnesota winter.

December 15, 2010 3 new Minis (Patriot, Patsy & Little Sinbad)arrived tonight. Patriot needs a sponsor! He will be placed on rehabilitation status as he is in need of a longer term hoof care regiment due to his badly grown out toes. Once assessed and deemed adoptable, Patsy & Little Sinbad will be looking for their loving forever are they ADORABLE! Please contact us today and help a Mini find a home to call their own!

December 13, 2010MHARF has peafowl! Need homes for 4 yearling peafowl, 2 blue india males, 1 black shoulder male and 1 black shoulder female.

December 9, 2010 Looks like an influx of minis...hold on to your tiny hats folks and please consider giving-we need your help in a BIG way!!!

December 6, 2010Get your Northwoods Animal Rescue Sanctuary gift certificates today. Please contact us for more details. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

December 5, 2010Fresh off the MHARF wire-8 new intakes this week from 2 humane cases, many thanks to those that helped these unfortunates change their luck. Pics and bios coming soon! FOSTER HOMES NEEDED!

December 1, 2010RE: Thoroughbred Humane Case; Thanks to MHARF and a few other incredible people, the thoroughbreds and several other breeds of horses as well as other animals have found temporary homes. We will update you more as soon as more information becomes available.

November 26, 2010Is in dire need of foster homes!!! Please contact us on how you can help.

SPONSORS NEEDED! Please contact us should you be interested in sponsoring one of our Northwoods Rehabilitation Animals. Most are in need of longer term hoof care, special medications & dietary needs. We can't do it alone and we need your help. Thank you so much for your support. Together we save lives!

Check back often for current breaking news and updates.

Thank you.