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If you are looking for minis and us!

As the other team looks on overhead attempting to steal our play...we huddle in for what is to be the winning touchdown! Minis and Mani the colt QB win! Go Team Minis!



Before considering adopting any animal, please thoroughly research the animal and also consult a veterinarian. Educate yourself as much as possible about the animal you are interested in as this will give you and your adopted animal the best chance at a successful, happy and healthy life together.

1) Miniatures are known to founder easily if allowed to graze in a pasture. It is best to keep your mini on a dry lot and feed grass hay only. A rich green pasture can be deadly to these little guys-so do not be tempted to allow grazing.
3) There is grain designed specifically for a mini horses needs. Grain is fed sparingly. Follow the instructions as directed and consult a veterinarian.
4) A mini horses hooves are a top priority-they MUST be trimmed regularly, at least every 6 weeks! Good hoof care is an essential part of having a mini or any hooved animal for that matter.
5) A miniature horses teeth are notorious for having dental issues, hooks and waves, etc. and MUST be examined and floated as often as recommended by your veterinarian.
6) When considering a mini as a companion for a regular sized horse; A) Mares cannot be kept with stallions. B) A mini can be severely injured or killed if kept with a large animal. C) A mini cannot be on the same diet as a regular sized horse.

Miniatures are very cute, fun and have a lot of personality! They are an absolute joy and they certainly are worth the effort it requires to keep them happy & healthy. Every animal requires a certain amount of required care. The more you know about the animal you are interested in having as a part of your family-the better for you, and for them.

- Be responsible. Their success depends on you. -

For more information on miniature horse care please contact us.