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Where Healing Begins...
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"Animal Companion Extraordinaire"
Of the Month

Each month one of our wonderful rescued animals will be chosen and featured on the ACE of the Month page. S/he is chosen because of their delightful personality, their ability to get along well with others, their achievements with regard to the amazing progress they have made since their arrival and their ability to warm our hearts by just being the extraordinary creature(s) they are!

Call 612.886.6986 or
email us at

Adoption Fees

Equine *Adoption Fees begin at $250.00

Feline *Adoption Fees begin at $125.00
(Included in Adoption Fee; Spay/Neuter, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Deworming, Claws Trimmed, Litter Trained, Socialized/Child and Animal Friendly, Feline Care Book, Food Starter & Toy)

Canine *Adoption Fees begin at $250.00
(Included in Adoption Fee; Spay/Neuter, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Deworming, Nails Trimmed,
Socialization, Canine Food Starter & Toy)
(Personality Traits/Temperament & Level of Training is noted per animal.)

Hen/Rooster *Adoption Fees begin at $25.00
*(Adoption Fees may vary depending on specie, age, sex, breed, level of training.)

*** Donations Needed ***


Much needed donations for continual Veterinary,
Farrier Care
, Quality Hay and Feed.

Mailing Address:
17308 Roanoke St NW
Andover, MN  55304


Fleet Farm or local feed store gift cards

are the perfect gift!!!

You can also stop by
and have your gift shipped directly to

Items we are most in need of;

Quality Grass & Grass/Alfalfa Mix Hay Rounds & Small Squares,

Horse Dewormers/4in1 FluVac, Sr. Equine Feed, Pot-Belly Pig Feed, Goat Feed, Chicken/Game Bird Feed, Cracked Corn, Oats,
Cat Litter/Food, Paper Towels/Cleaning Wipes 

Thank You For Your Support

A.C.E. of the Month


 Meet Burr Rock "Pumpkin"


Burr Rock "Pumpkin"

We rescued this tiny black fluff ball on 10/15/12 from the side of a country road, stuck in a fence, crying his little lungs out! He was so full of burrs and his little face and right eye were completely cruste
d over in mucus from an upper respiratory infection. After he arrived back at NARS he was cleaned up and treated, is eating and drinking very well and could not be happier to have a big heated bed to keep him nice and warm and help him to recover. That little face was cleaned up again and we spent some more time gently combing thru those nasty burrs, all the while he just purred and purred. He has a lot of heart and is VERY cute. Once he has recovered and is old enough, Burr will be neutered and receive all his vaccinations.
Burr Has Been Adopted :)

Adoption fees begin at $125.00 depending on our out of pocket vetting expenses which include; spay/neuter, vaccinations, nail trimming, ear cleaning and deworming. Each kitten is socialized with humans and several other animals. Upon approval of adoption, you will also be provided with kitten food, a how to care for your kitten/cat book as well as your choice of toy. Upon Adoption Approval, we require all cats/kittens and small animals to leave our facility in safe and secure animal carrier lined with a towel.

Northwoods Animal Rehabilitation Sanctuary
A Non-Profit Organization
Where Healing Begins...



"May" I introduce you to...

Silver's Success!

He was malnourished, had been shot several times with buckshot as he attempted to escape to get food and water, his hooves had not been tended to in years. He had not been vaccinated, dewormed or ever had his teeth done, and he was a stallion with no social skills what so ever. His nose and handsome face worn completely raw from the chain that kept him from trying to escape. And his lower left hoof just hung there and dragged along as he walked. You could see the pain he was in. In order for us to be able to get him into the NARS rescue trailer, I allowed him to step on and crush my own foot as I helped him to hoist that horribly swollen and limp leg up and in. Prior to his rescue, his abuse went on for an excess of 3 years and it broke my heart to see him so broken. He was terribly frightened and lashed out upon arrival at anything around him that he felt was trying to possibly hurt him-he was not at all used to being in a barn, a stall was terrifying, wood rail fencing were toothpicks as far as he was concerned...but through it all, his eyes remained connected and there was warmth within them. I knew that all he needed was to be free of pain, feel soothing hands, be free to eat and drink and be loved.

As he stands there looking across the pastures, proud and happy...seeming to say...just look at me now! :)

Silver is currently a NARS Sanctuary resident. He will reside here and remain in our care for as long as it is required. His hind leg and hooves require continuous care and are expensive. Any help you are willing to give toward his care is greatly appreciated. While Silver has come a very long way and against all odds he is thriving, he may never have full use of his hind leg. He enjoys his humans and prefers to be in his paddock alone. He gets along with other horses but it is not in the best interest of his health and well being as too much activity could cause him reinjury of his lower hind leg and we have taken great care in making sure he is able to continue to heal and gain strength every day. Silver needs a Sponsor. Should you be interested in adopting or fostering him, you would have to be to someone that would treat him like the big pet that he is. He most likely will never be able to be ridden again. He most likely will never gain full use of his hind lower leg without very expensive and corrective surgery, and therefore it is best that he is not allowed to run freely in large open spaces for any great length of time as it aggravates his old injury and sets back his healing progress. Silver is a wonderful boy and is in need of special care, if not by the dedicated director and volunteers of NARS then by someone very special who can give him the daily attention and care he requires and deserves.

If you are interested in meeting Silver or would like to help with his the cost of his care please click on the Contact Us link
from the menu or

Call 612.886.6986